Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Shroudfall

Shroudfall is the hobby blog of Mark Woodside.  I've been gaming since 1981, and have played nearly every system out there.  My current system of choice for RPGs is Savage Worlds.  I have created a couple of setting skeletons that I will be migrating to this blog, as well as a "one sheet" adventure for the Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane.
Recently, I've been re-bitten by the mini's bug.  I'm currently playing Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games, and Warmachine from Privateer Press.  I plan to include Dystopian Wars (also Spartan Games) as well.  With the new unified rules for WarmaHordes, I may be getting a Minion force together as well.  But one step at a time.

This blog will include photos, tutorials and maybe a ran-er-philosophical editorial or two.



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