Monday, July 25, 2011

More Cryxian goodness (or badness, as the case may be)

I've finished a few more models - working my way toward 35 pts.
Here's the Skarlock:

and my Pistol Wraith:

The Warwitch Siren (I'm going to have two of these when I hit 50 pts)

And finally, the Necrotech and Scrap Thrall.  I've had these models for a long time, and I'm currently using them to round out a 25 pt list.  I probably won't play them much when I get the rest of my models, but they were fun to paint.

Next up...Deathjack, Bane Lord Tartarus, Bane Thrall Officer and Standard, Bane Knights, Gorman Di Wulfe, and (hopefully) come September, a Desecrator.


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